How to Grow Revenue – Steadily & Profitably

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***** A Must-Read!  Kevin Moyer. “Growth Juice is an amazingly educational and easy-to-read approach to selling complex solutions in particular. Rather than boring instructions, this book provides examples, cartoons, easy to understand diagrams, and entertaining side stories that make it a fun read, as well as a great introduction to a proven selling process. This truly is a must read for anyone wanting to learn about how to grow sales, how to grow revenue and become a sales super-star.”

***** Fun and Informative!  Morgan Smith. “This is NOT your typical sales book. It’s light, fun, and a breeze to read. Dr. Weber gives a fantastic guide to selling your product or service. When you finish this book, you will not only retain an intimate knowledge of the selling process, but a hunger to get out there and use it! If you want to learn how to grow your sales and how to grow revenue, this is a must-read!”

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This book was written by Dr. John A. Weber of the University of Notre Dame, who has helped scores of major firms, including more than thirty Fortune 500 companies, learn how to grow sales and revenue steadily and profitably.  The book is fast moving and easy to read, featuring short, single-concept chapters, high-lighted by dozens of cartoons and exhibits which help to clarify principles as they are presented.  To build and maintain interest, every important concept is illustrated through actual selling scenarios – which include many fun characters and a lively, entertaining story-line.

Author:  Dr. John A. Weber, University of Notre Dame.  For more information on this and related topics, see


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